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Nobody Beats The Whiz!


Hips swaying, heads nodding, bodies moving, captivated, and intoxicated by the rhythm; this is how music makes people feel. It's more than just beats and words, it's a culture, a movement and for some a way of life. It’s a DJ’s job to make the listeners they are playing for feel the music and go with that vibe to express themselves though movement or just by listening so intently they can think of nothing else but what’s playing.


DJ’ing kind of just happened for G-Whiz. In his own words “I didn’t choose it, it chose me.” "I was at a party when the DJ saw me staring at his equipment.  He started to explain some things, and then ask me to put the next song on, I then put the next 5 songs on and the crowd loved it.  He then excused himself to the restroom and didn't return until the end of the party. After that, I was pulled in doing parties every weekend. The rush was unbelievable!! I never felt nothing like it before.  And since then I feel the same way every time I get in the DJ Booth or on stage! It's hard to explain in words what that feels like....  But the person throwing the party gave me a compliment, and thought I was a DJ from jump, had no idea that was a turning point in my life.”


G-Whiz began DJing at various events and concerts in the Tri-State especially in the Northern CT area at UCONN Student Body Functions and in MA at Babson College Parties. Enlisting in the Military, he went to Japan and while serving our country he continued to enhance his DJ career. He played at clubs, concerts, after-parties, and events for V.I.P artists in the Tokyo area including Michael Jordan, Missy, Mary J. Blige, Chingy, R&B sensation Joe, Ashanti, Outkast, MTV Japan Music Awards Show and much more. DJ G-Whiz has done music coordination for Sean John Fashion Shows in Tokyo, and was featured in magazines such as LUGX and Metropolis. Through those opportunities, he gained international exposure.


DJ G-Whiz has released 7 CD’s across Japan, China, Korea, and the United states. More than 30,000 total copies were sold. In a span of 2 years while in Japan DJ G-Whiz established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry overseas. While building his DJ status in Japan he became a household name throughout the Pacific, but like his last CD title, it’s “Never Enough”.


DJ G-Whiz returned to the U.S. when his military term was complete. From event to event he continued to climb the ladder once again. Within 1 year of his return to the states DJ G-Whiz worked in the most premier clubs and venues in CT from Gasolina to Gotham, R-Bar, and Hammerjacks. From 2008-2009 DJ G-Whiz had a brief episode in Buffalo, NY before deciding to make that move to the Atlanta, GA. With his past experiences and looking to go straight to the top as a DJ, he saw Atlanta as a great opportunity to break into the music industry. He still continues to rise to the top.